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A Look at Media Entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey

April 25, 2018

When you look at the burgeoning media empire that has been established by tech entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey, you see a lot of potential. Donald firmly believes he has found the answer to the current state of the media, which is too often biased and focused on creating fear in people. The old adage, “if it bleeds, it leads,” is no longer appropriate, as Donald Kerry Frey sees it. Donald serves as the proud founder and owner of Frey Robotics (, an informational website that was designed to present tech information in a different way. His approach to the new world of tech is to one that seeks to avoid scaring people about the future. Instead, he wants people to feel less anxious about things going on around them, which are actually positive for them.

The idea that led Donald Kerry Frey to establish Frey Robotics is based on what he saw around him, in which people were actually more anxious about the future than hopeful. Donald believes it’s possible to better inform people about the current state of technology without making them fear it. In fact, the right approach to tech news may make more of them want to create innovations and change things for the better. What if some people had great ideas, but they were afraid of bringing them to light because doing so could cost them their job?

In his heart, Donald Kerry Frey knows that future developments that come along in the future should make life better, so how we discuss them matters. Robotics and automation can help make relatively simple tasks more efficient and effective, which means we should be looking forward to the future, and not just see it as a threat.